HCT Range


Open circuit, counter-flow, evaporating cooling towers with induced draft axial fan. Air inlets aon all four sides, air outlet vertically upwards.

The casing, cold water basin, top cover included fan ring are of reinforced polyester (GRP), colourded in the mould.

The fill and drift eliminator are of PVC, the water distributor is of polyethylen with spray nozzles screwed in.

The variable pitch plastic blades of the axial fan can be adjusted manually when at rest. The motor, which is specially constructed for use in this type of cooling tower, drives the fan. The motor and fan are mounted on a hot dipped galvanised steel suppor with protective screen.

HCT Range

The fan is driven directly by the motor.

G-HCT Range

The fan is driven by the motor through a gearbox.


The support has crane lifting points an is so constructed that the cooling tower can be liftet by a crane as complete unit. Due to transport restrictions and the cooling tower model the support including motor, fan and top section will be delivered seperately.

The water inlet and outlet are smooth pipe ends, rubber hose connections with pipe clips are supplied, alternatively flanges can be supplied to order. Other connections have pipe threads. Supports in the cooling tower casing are of GRP. All screws and nuts used are of stainless steel.