Profile of Huckle Cooling Towers


The company und Apparatebau GmbH was foundet 1983, by David Huckle.

Some series of evaporation cooling towers were developed, including the HCT series an open circuit, counter-flow, evaporating cooling tower with induced draft axial fan. The casing, cold water basin, top cover included fan ring are of reinforced polyester (GRP), colourded in the mould, with different colours available.

The RCT series is an opencircuit, counter-flow, evaporative cooling tower with forced draft centrifugal fan, like the HCT only GRP is used for parts in the water circuid. For this series sound attenuators are available.

There is also the V-RCT, a RCT cooling tower, but made out of V2A-stainless steel.

In addition to cooling towers also produces and supplies other parts of cooling facilites, some examples are: