...  offer a wide variety of Evaporative Cooling Towers, Dry Air Coolers, Water Treatment, Pump Stations, Water Tanks and other products in glass re-inforced polyester or stainless steel. The most popular cooling towers are the HCT and RCT product lines.>

Some examples of areas where our Cooling Towers are used.

... products are used in a wide variety of industries and cooling processes. Typical areas are industrial cooling e.g. power stations, foundrys, metal working, plastic processing, chemical industrie, cold storage, food and drink processing, dairys, air conditioning systems, dry cleaners, furnaces, condensor batteries, transformers, test beds, compressors, water chillers and many more. Our products can be installed in the open at floor level, on top of or inside buildings. If space is limited we can select an alternative model or adjust the dimensions to suit.

Product Range

Cooling towers:


an axial induced draft cooling tower with glass re-inforced polyester casing


a centrifugal forced draft cooling tower with glass re-inforced polyester casing


a centifugal forced draft cooling tower with stainless steel casing

For both the RCT and V-RCT cooloing towers there are a range of sound attenuators available

Centrifugal fans with glasreinforced Polyester casing
Pump stations including water tanks, pumps, water treatment, electrical control boxes all valves etc. and internal piping


Inquiry and Order Data

To offer you the correct cooling tower for your requirements we need the following information
Cooling capacity or heat load kW/h
Water quantity in circulation m³/h
Warm water temperature °C
Cold water temperature °C
Wet bulb temperature °C

If the latter is unknown information on where the final installation is to be located is sufficient.

Please contact us for further information. You will receive a quotation that will be specific to your companies requirement. ...